January 25th- Heading to Georgia and Florida

I was supposed to be in Virginia this past weekend playing two shows, but due to an EPIC snowstorm, we stayed home. What sweet, sweet bliss. It felt so good to have a 'gifted' week at home- no plans made, nothing on the books. Josh had work with his M-F, 9-5ish job, but we had dinner together every single night. It was pretty awesome. I cooked a LOT. Salads, soups, pizzas, pestos, pastas. Not all of it was a win... 

Carrot top pesto

Disappointing. The carrot tops that I got from the organic section at Kroger were very astringent and kind of bitter. It's a shame... I put in quite a bit of grated parmesan and extra virgin olive oil. I threw in some fresh basil that I had for good measure, but it couldn't save this tart little abomination. Oh well. 

Baby portobello mushroom "escargot"- scrummy yummy deliciousness

I've had escargot once or twice, and the best part of it the sauce. That buttery, rich, garlicky, herby golden potion is a salve to cure all ailments. Yum. Yum. Yum. 

Lentil soup- this had way. too. much. fiber. Never again. 


Pizza- a delightful and satisfying work in progress. 

I have been on a serious pizza kick this week. I found this great recipe from the NY Times, and want to stay with this recipe and try different flours until I find a good combination. It's simple, but SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. I bake it in my oven at the highest setting, and let the pan heat up too before putting the dough on it. I figure it's a good way to let the crust cook faster.