I left my home in Columbus, OH, today for the great Southern landscapes of Alabama. I had a 3.5 hour journey by myself to meet up with the band in Louisville, KY, and as the car cruised and rolled along I had time to call my parents, and cousins, and catch up with everyone. Being in a touring folk band, I had to learn to make my peace with long drives. A New Yorker by birth, it took me halfway through my undergrad at Indiana University (Bloomington) to realize that having a car in the Midwest made life a lot easier. I failed my driver' test in New York. Failed it passionately, miserably, desperately- it was as if I was playing a joke on myself. Sad, hurt, and feeling a little bitter, I ducked into the Bloomington Department of Motor Vehicles, my every fiber of my being flinching with the memory of my failed driving test. 

I passed with flying colors. 

Indiana was really starting to grow on me... 

Flash back to today. I'm going to have dinner with my a-mave-ing friend, Maeve, in Nashville, then spend the night with the band at an airbnb. We head out tomorrow to Alabama, where we have a show Friday night.