Some of my closest friends are the ones that I made in college. When I was in college, adults always told me to soak it in, to enjoy it, to let every moment sink into my pores like I was at a resort on the Mediterranean ocean. I never quite got it then, but looking back I have such a mixed sense of nostalgia. I felt so different then. I entered college as a doe eyed, ambitious eighteen year old. Everything I thought would be important faded away over the years. Straight A's are nice, straight A's are wonderful, but they have no currency in the real world. What largely seems to matter are the things that I've learned since childhood: be a good person, show up early, have a good attitude, and work your butt off. Also- take your shoes off in the house and make your bed. Blah. Blah. Blah.

 I visited three of my amazing college friends this past week, and I'm lucky that they're all there for one more year, so I can visit them fairly easily. They rock. They're Uzbek Russians, and the third is American/Japanese. That's the awesome part about going to such a diverse music school- having friends from all over the world. We ate Italian food, drank red wine, ate chocolate and merrily chatted the night away. We talked about fathers with diabetic sugar cravings, life after college, life before college, babies, relationships, all the things that strike notes that resonate loudly and wildly beyond our control. You want to control the reins, but sometimes you have to learn how to go along for the ride. It's nice to know at the end of the day that your friends are steering their ships, and while you might lose sight of them at times, they're always out there.  

Annnnnnnnd then after this amazing time I went to rehearsal with the band and saw THIS incredible creature. A baby cow. Born hours after I arrived at the farm in Paoli.