A Survey of Airbnb Stays

I was thinking about it... today I am in Canada (got here today), Louis is in Italy, Mom is in Montenegro, and Dad and Bev are in Brooklyn- we are all over the world! The band and I are spending the night at an airbnb in London, Ontario, which is a few hours from Toronto. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be in Toronto, and Monday we drive to Rochester, NY. 

We are coming from Hudson, MI, which is a marvelous little town, population 2,000, and a high number of locally owned creative businesses. There is a print shop, multiple massage and wellness centers, and a few places to eat and get to know the locals. Their hospitality is bar. none. We never pay for anything when we're there- we eat at the one great restaurant on the house, and the woman who owns the breakfast joint makes sure that we come in and doesn't charge us... it's like an alternate reality where we are celebrities! 

Working backwards... before THAT, we spent a night at an airbnb in GARY, INDIANA. For those of you who know Gary, it used to be the murder capital of America. Shudder. For real. Our airbnb was two blocks from Lake Michigan, as in, the Lake Michigan. Lake is an understatement, it is the Ocean of the Midwest. At any rate, this little part of Gary was charming, if ever-so-slightly rough around the edges. Rough is the wrong word. It's a little low-key beach community that only the locals know about, and you can be yourself and have no pretenses. The business owners also have no pretenses, and sometimes put up an "I'll be back later" sign, much to one's dismay. However- the views of the lake are worth a stop by the sea side- I mean shoreline- of Gary. Look very carefully in the picture below- right on the horizon in the middle- see that skyline? That's CHICAGO! Seen from Hoosier-land. 

Last but not least, here is the previous airbnb stay- it's a community farm in Dane, Wisconsin. I don't have a lot of pictures, but here are some of the 120 acres, the vegetables, and beautiful scenery. It was incredibly serene and the people there was friendly and laid back. They had a bonfire going, which we stopped by for a few minutes, but the main attraction of the evening was the little baby chicks that were both hatching, and hanging out in their pen. It's rare for us to see baby chicks up close- we even held them and cooed at them! They wanted to be put down. Oh well.