Late-night Drive in Indiana

We spent the last several days recording in Bloomington, Indiana, and are on our way to play a folk festival tomorrow. Tonight we played a house concert in Indianapolis, and have three hours to drive after the show. Usually David does the late-night drives, but because we have two cars, Michelle and I are splitting the drive in Babe, our Toyota Prius V. 

Late night drives are times when your mind wanders, and roams freely. My mind picks up rough stones, examines the undersides, and them puts them back down and moves on, since I'm usually too tired to think critically or analytically. I end up bouncing around a bit mentally. I day dream about future vacations, about how come some songs of Beyonce's are so good, how driving to 1:30AM used to be not a big deal, but now it's an event. Lots of random things.

Gearing up for my shift... this is a very random post!